What is Internet of Things?

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Wondering how Internet of Things has become a wonderful part of technology? The Internet of things, also known as IOT is the internetworking of physical devices which is embedded with sensors, soft ware’s, actuators and so on. These embedded elements help the objects to collect and exchange data. Internet of Things has become a hot topic in today’s world as it opens door to endless opportunities and many challenges.

In the year 2013, GSI, the Global Standards Initiative defined IOT as the infrastructure of the information society, which means, IOT devices allows objects to be controlled remotely across the existing network infrastructure.


With the introduction of IOT, technologies gave birth to smart grids, smart homes, smart cities and intelligent transportation. Experts estimates IoT would spread in more than 50 billion objects by 2020.  This giant network of connection is between people to people, things to people and things to things. This is going to have a massive impact on the future world. Internet of Things helps things which can be connected to be connected easily.

How do you make use of this giant connection? Here is an example! Imagine your alarm clocks wakes up you and give signal to coffee machine to brew coffee for you. Isn’t this amazing? What if your wearable device prompt you stop work out after completing the regular cycle? This is how Internet of Things helps your life to be easier. In the same way, you can seek help of billions of connected devices to make your life productive and successful.


Current market sells automated home devices such as smart washers/ dryers, air conditioner, thermostat, lighting, ventilation, vacuums, refrigerators, air purifiers, oven and many more. The growth of IoT is going to impact the daily life of humans by making things super easy and convenient in many ways. Introduction of IoT generates large amount of data in diverse location. The massive amount of data that the devices produce is an issue for the companies as they need to figure out a way to for quick aggregation and efficient storage of data.

IoT has now become one of the best platforms of current Smart City and Smart Energy Management Systems. It can be applied to transportation networks to help us reduce waste and generate energy. This can help people to improve their lives and take new challenges in their day today life. So let’s get prepared to experience the potential impact of IoT in our upcoming lives.

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